My name is Sean Ware and apart from photography I'm well travelled and love the wonderful world of Food & Drink. I was born in Surrey, England and spent my time growing up in Australia and Southern Africa.


I specialised in fashion and portrait photography in Australia and on my return to the UK in 2004 I turned my focus to lifestyle photography due to the nature of the direction my career had taken. As such, I have developed my photography technique to be able to offer my clients a unique and unrivalled versatile approach to any shoot. Having worked in some of the best bars in the world and as an ambassador for Bacardi Martini I have an eye for detail and know the drinks industry inside-out. 

Within this portfolio you will see extensive examples of lifestyle, product, venue, portraits and pack shots. If you require any further info please feel free to get in touch. I'm based in Manchester and have a studio near Piccadilly Station, I travel throughout the UK and Europe regularly for shoots.