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Venue Photography in Manchester

Our venue photography services are ideal for companies and brands who want to showcase the location of their bars and restaurants. Whether you’re advertising your café, hotel, restaurant or bar, our venue photography is bespoke, tailoring our service to your brand’s individual requirements.


Our venue photography enables you to advertise your business – the way you want

Our experience means that we effectively showcase a business’s unique selling points using professional photography techniques that have been developed over years of working in the industry alongside award-winning companies and establishments. 

Whether it’s for website advertising or any kind of marketing collateral, our venue photography enables you to advertise your business – the way you want.  

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Why Sean Ware?

Sean Ware is an ex-fashion photographer who is now a food and drink photography specialist. Our experience working in creative industries, working for big brands, and having a background in running some of the world's best bars gives us the upper hand when it comes to portraying our clients’ brands in the way they envisioned. 

We’re photographers based in Manchester, but we travel to businesses across the UK and Europe.  

Get in Touch

To book our venue photography services, get in touch. Give us a call, drop an email, or fill out our online contact form to get started.

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